I have been a personal trainer for over 12 years now and with over 18 years in the industry. However, initially starting at the age of 10 in athletics getting to national standard. Moving on to GB baseball and the addiction in sport has carried on from there. To say it has been an insightful, enojoyable and extremely rewarding journey is an understatement.  To be able to train and educate people who want to feel and be fitter, healthier, live longer, lose weight and so much more is an amazing feeling. To have the ability to change peoples lives for the better no matter what the goal and no matter what the starting point. We all have to start somewhere and each of our journeys will be different. But, no matter what the barrier you face, whatever you feel is blocking your journey there IS ways round it. You dont always need weights and treadmills and such like, body weight and free stability exercises if executed correctily can get you to your desired level. Knowledge is the basis to meeting all goals. Knowing how to adapt to changes, get over or around barriers stopping you from fulfilling your training needs. Dont believe me? Send me a message with a barrier, a problem that you cant see a way round, something stopping you from doing any form of training and I can assure you there will be a way round. :D

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