Saying 'Goodbye' to the muffin top!

Well here I am and here it is, my first blog on my new site Firstly welcome fellow fitness finatics to the no gimmicks but instead all proven information, stats and supplement information out there. With this in mind I want to fill you in what I have been doing over the past month or so and explain a little more about the 'muffin top' title.

Right, I got myself up to around 18% bodyfat, ON PURPOSE. I know I know, why is someone who loves fitness doing this? Well to highlight certain key aspects of all training and nutrition. Notice I said nutrition and not diet? Diet is used so loosely nowadays, mainly for 'weight loss'. But a Diet is a lifestyle. We all eat and drink, that is our diet be it healthy or not. My journey of the muffin top is to show that with a 'Balanced diet' and a good exercise stratergie linked in with best times to eat and what to eat is going to be more efficient and healthier than so many carb restriction plans which will not only drain your energy stores, lower sex drive, have an adverse affect on hormone levels but ultimately be vitamin/mineral/macronutrient poor with all manner of negative effects on health. This would ultimately lead to a 'weight loss', but is this always what is wanted? mmmmmm, One issue here is that weight is exactly that, weight. Why not concentrate on fat loss? What if you were heavier but your body fat percentage was lower? Weight can be water, muscle, fat as well as other internal physiological factors. This then brings forward to question of why do I want to lose muscle? You may not want to, and I know most of us really dont want to. At the end of the day muscle plays a vital role in getting rid of that uselss fatty gunk around our bodies. What if there was a way to burn fat, while maintaining or even building slight amount of muscle while also changing your body shape? This my friends is what I intend to show you.

'How?' I hear you ask! Well over the oncoming weeks I shall be publishing on my blog, pictures, meals, training logs, timings oftraining and types of training and a complete list of supplements that have not only been tried and tested, but are safe, cheap and will compliment you on your way to your goals as long as you put the effort in. There is NO wonder drug so please please please dont waste your money on it if you think you have found it. And dont worry, what I am going to show you is NOT, I repeat NOT, going to be me telling you to run for 5 hours a day and eat lettuce. Keep posted and follow me on my journey. As you can see from my picture here this is where I had loaded myself up to 18% bf. 78kg total weight. And this was to done to show the world the power of knowledge above fads and gimmicks.

Moving on from here I shall explain a little more about the importance of certain supplements that whilst may not be completely necessary for all, but play one hell of an important part for others. Life factors and work commitments can have a huge impact on what and when we can eat, so some of these supplements help to fill in these gaps. We shall start off with.... PROTEIN!

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