Protein: The basics

There is always confusion when it comes to protein and the gym. Where as most men believe that lifting a couple of dumbells and wolfing down gallons of shakes they will look like Jay Cutler in a matter of weeks. And many women fear that protein and weights will get the similar Jay cutler look and maybe grow a pair of balls along with the mass (Not literally guys) But the truth of the matter is that no matter what form of exercise we do, protein plays a very important role not just in building muscles to be bigger, but to also aid in recovery to help prevent muscle wastage. But the key area of worry/desire for people hitting the protein is mass? Will get get huge? The answer..... Not really. The reason for this is down to training intensity, calorific and macronutrient intake, calorie expenditure, testoreone levels, rest and recovery to name but a few. Its not easy to pack on size. But in terms of Protein being a good guy or bad guy, hands down he's a good guy.

Protein is a key building block for muscle and has been known for this purpose for many many years. And one of the main reasons that we can now get it in powder form is due to the nature of our day to day lives. We cannot always get the chance to tuck into a slab of beef or chicken breast. Our day to day working life may be too hectic or not financially viable. And for some, the ability to be able to eat enough to recover let alone build muscle can also be problematic. So, this is where powders come into play. But if only the choice was so simple. Powders of all flavours and protein sources. Dairy, non dairy, pea, soy and many many many more. But as the title hear suggests, this is just the basics for you to understand and get to grips with. I shall do a much more indepth write up on protein very soon.

Since I have been on a cutting cycle protein has been very important to me for helping me maintain muscle mass whilst I traing hard and tweak my other macronutrients so that I force my body to burn the dreaded fat rather than muscle. Without this I would just waste away so it has been a vital component.

I bet by now you have been looking into protein powders ect are are a little lost to who, where, how much ect so let me help you out. Over the next couple of days I shall be releasing my top 10 companies for protein products as 'I' feel it to be. Everyone is different and has their own choice but my own choices will be released shortly. As for the moment I have your attention I shall release who I feel is the number one company for protein. They are one of the cheapest companies I have seen on the market! Huge selection of flavours. Fast service and delivery and I have not had a single problem with this company. They are....... 'Olympus Health' I assure you that they will not let you down. Give them a look and try out a flavour or two. And dont forget to subscribe to my site, and to Olympus health and keep your eyes peeled for when special offers come out and you will get in there before anyone else. And if you get the chance let them know where you heard about them too.


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