Mo Farah proves point to all!

What do you do when you fail in life? Fall down and break under the pressures and strains of the challenge ahead? Do you stay there and admit defeat? Allow the failure, the fall to remain what it is and give up? A failure is only a failure if you let it become one. A fall is only a fail when you refuse to get up. Make your decision.

For some people this 'fail'word is not in their dictionary and one prime example of that is the legend that is Mo Farah. Rio olympics 2016 10,000m final, the one time you do not want one of these possible fail opportunites to arise became what could have become the end of Farahs reign. But no. After stumbling and managing to avoid getting trampled on by other athletes Farah gets back up and within seconds does not look like anything had happened. He remains composed and relaxed, showing his drive and determination which ultimately pays off. When I say it paid off I dont mean he finished the race. I mean he finished the race AND WON GOLD!

Big lesson to all here. Take on a challenge and dont let it beat you. Failure is purely a rehersal for greater things.

So well done Mo Farah yet again for destroying the competition and taking another gold medal home. Truly a hard working athlete and not a one win wonder. Huge respect in all ways and congratulations.

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