Its not all about the training!

Well hello there my fellow fitness friends. Just thought I'd drop you all a little blog to hopefully educate you where so many have not been so lucky. We've all heard it before haven't we? 'What a great session, I'm starving. After all that hard work I can get away having burger and chips' etc. But unfortunately this is not the fact of the matter. The saying 'Abs are made in the kitchen' is, in my professional opinion hitting the nail on the head. What we do in the gym only triggers the bodies mechanisms to create change. If you were building muscle for example while you were training surely the gyms would be packed with people 12 hours a day every day? But we do not see these people. Purely and simply put, nutrition is vital to go alongside a good exercise plan.

24 hours in a day, and at most, many of us train for about 1 hour of this. In this hour we set the gears in motion of fat loss, muscle gain etc. By getting our bodies to register the stresses and strains that we go through in the gym we are in fact giving it instructions to become stronger and better overall. So, when we leave the gym, we then use the correct fuels. You wouldn't keep putting the same manky oil in your car again and again would you, so why do it to your body. Clean and natural foods are the way to go and this will refuel your body from the session gone, prepare it for the next session, but more importantly, get ready to start repairing what your have already done to your muscles in the gym. So that night, when you tuck yourself up into bed and are motionless, your body goes into overdrive. Growth hormone levels increase and your body starts its job at repairing and rebuilding muscle fibers. Allowing your body to burn more calories as well as burning more calories while carrying out this major repair work. Now I can imagine alot of you are wondering how the hell are we as humans with our busy lives able to eat the right foods throughout the day and in the correct portions. Well, to be perfectly honest, its not always possible to stick to it religiously no matter how hard we try. And for when these times come is where we move to our backup plan....


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