Small changes lead to big results! PROUD!

Its all too easy to start something and lose direction along the way. Life is hard. Constantly throwing curve balls at you meaning you have to change and adapt your plans. No one said life would be easy. But as we all know, if anything is worth having then its worth working hard and fighting for!

I have been incredibly fortunate to do what I do. Being a personal training is not about a single training session. It is being there on your journey. Through the ups and downs. Laughter and the tears. But one thing I am sure of, and that's the fact that together, we can get you to where you want to be. Be it drop a dress size or more. Tone up. Become healthier, fitter, faster and stronger. Lose or gain weight. Burn fat. And ultimately put you in the best position health wise which has a knock on effect to your mental health and ultimately improve many aspects of your life.

So, you can imagine how proud I am of the team I have working with me. The effort put in is unbelievable. It is clear that the hard work is being put in behind the scenes also as they constantly show change and progression. Nutrition is being enjoyed and not a bore. This can all be clearly seen in the pictures below. These pictures are just 3 of many that I could publish for you all to see. I will not call these before and after pictures as that is not the case. These are before and present pictures. There will not be any after pictures as this is a lifetime journey. Lifestyle changes. Don't be put off with the thought of the changes as they do not need to be drastic. Little changes equate to big differences in the ongoing results.

Well done to everyone on what you have achieved so far. Keep up the great work and remember this one key true point by the french philosopher, Rene Decartes......

I think therefore I am!

So if you think you can succeed, you will! And below is just a taster of the proof.

Definition of strong. Lower picture this incredible lady is taking on a challenge which she was unsure if she was ready to take on. The end of the challenge proved otherwise to her. Challenge destroyed!!!

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