For any of you that wish to here some success stories/testimonials then here you go. A small selection of many testimonials that I have received :D

"Over the past 3 months I have trained with Martin in Boot Camp sessions and along with my husband in PT sessions, as a granny with a knee replacement Martin has always been very professional in his approach, adapting exercises where necessary but still pushing me out of my comfort zone. It's a fine balance between being pushed and being overstretched and Martin gets it just right, I go home feeling a sense of achievement, hot and sweaty but rarely stiff and sore the next day. Sessions are always fun and I'm definitely stronger and have much more energy, the next thing will be to ask him to review my diet and fine tune that.
Highly recommend"

(Mrs Reddick Sept 16)

"My husband and I started training with Martin 9 weeks ago. We decided that we wanted to lose weight to be fit & healthy and improve our lifestyle, the appearance is a bonus. What we have achieved in this short time period has greatly exceeded our expectations! We have both lost the same amount of weight, 1 stone 11 pounds. We see Martin once a week and he tailors the personal training session to us. While we workout he is very encouraging while motivating us and educates us about drink/food products and parts of our bodies. The sessions are fun and interesting as well as challenging. Martin will get us using kettlebells and various bodyweight exercises.  Our overall strength and fitness levels have increased quickly and we can see the change in our performance. I never thought I would be able to accomplish some of the things he has shown me how to do like kettlebell squats, on the first week we started I could do 8 reps at 6kg before needing a rest. Five weeks on and I could do 100 reps at 8kg! He also gets us working on the leg press, when we first started I did 20kg and 10 reps and 3 sets. Now I can do 50kg of the same reps and sets or 200 reps at 20kg! One exercise I love is boxing, in my first week of training I could do 20 seconds of nonstop punching with Martin holding the bag and now I can do over 3 minutes with me “chasing the bag” as he says. We facebook him with questions around diet plans and he always replies and supports us. To put it simply he is just a really nice guy and we have a laugh with him. I wouldn’t change my PT (Personal Trainer) for the world. We got lucky with him as he was the first one we had and is the best in our opinion."

(Claire J, Suffolk May 16)

 “Martin is very passionate about his work and this shows in his classes, they are well thought out, fun, and most importantly, suitable for any level of fitness. Martin is very knowledgeable about every aspect of fitness, health and nutrition and keen to offer help and advice if you need it. I find him really approachable and friendly which is so important with something as personal as fitness as we each have our own personal goals and targets. I would really recommend Martin's classes as they are so varied, lots of effort goes into making the classes different each week and I really enjoy going. I would also highly recommend him as a personal trainer as he is so motivational and you can see he wants you to succeed as much as you do!”


Geniene gooderham, Suffolk December 2016

“I have been training under Martin’s tutorship for several months now and I am benefitting enormously. I am 57 years old and was really unfit. I took up the park run in Bury St Edmunds in Spring 2015 and found it challenging to say the least with all sorts of pains, etc  in my legs after each run. I decided to attend Martin’s circuit training in our village hall in Lawshall and immediately started to feel the benefit. The sessions are really useful and great fun at the same time. The group of us who attend have such a good laugh whilst getting great encouragement from Martin. It is no coincidence that my times on the park run improved massively after starting up with Martin.

I have now started having one to one sessions with Martin which I really enjoy. I am someone who needs motivating as regards raising my fitness levels and Martin is a great motivator. He puts you at ease when you think you can’t reach your goal and never pushes you harder than you can cope with. He constantly encourages and supports you to reach the smaller individual goals that add up to increased fitness, health and enjoyment of life. The facilities he uses are great with no onus upon us to join any gym or to pay large membership bills.

Apart from anything else, he is a genuinely nice guy who really wants to help people, no matter what their level of fitness and I would recommend anyone who wants to get fitter to attend his circuit training sessions and/or his one to one training sessions. I have set a target of completing a 10k run by the end of 2017 and I have no doubt that Martin will assist me in achieving that.”


David Henderson, Suffolk Decmber 2016

“I was nervous about walking into a gym but Martin made me feel comfortable and not stupid for not knowing how to work all of the equipment there, he encourages you, makes you feel at ease and is there for advice even if it is silly questions.”


Charlotte Good, Suffolk December 2016

“I have throughly enjoyed training with Martin! He has taught me how to push my fitness to the next level with a variety of different exercises. It has been great to try something new and alongside a personal trainer that will make you take that one step further, even when you really want to give up! Would highly recommend and he is excellent at tailoring to your needs.”


Lizzie Fields, Suffolk November 2016

I honestly can't fault Martin. Not only is the training extremely beneficial in itself but he will explain to me what each exercise is targeting which only makes me want to work harder and push myself more. Martin wasn't exaggerating when he told me he would be available 24/7, he answers my no end of silly questions time and time again. He's just as invested in my journey and goal as I am which makes every session so worthwhile. I know I'm getting quality training and nutritional advice and would travel an hour each way if I had to. Highly highly recommended!

Alex Brown Jan 2017